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Mandatory school closings. Voluntary self-isolation. Panic buying. Social distancing.

The speed at which daily life has been disrupted and upended by the coronavirus has left many children and families feeling unprepared. And the uncertainty of when “normal” will return is a source of stress and anxiety for many, and even anger for some.

Whether your family is living in lockdown, adjusting to unfamiliar routines, coping with new restrictions, or simply trying to make the most of inconveniences large and small, Boys Town is here to help.    

Our physicians, psychologists, parenting experts, education specialists and counselors have advice, insights, strategies and encouragement to get you through the unpredictability and unknowns that lie ahead. Trust Boys Town to provide recommendations and suggestions that will reduce anxiety and family stress, keep you connected and help remain resilient.

Every day, find the information you need and want, including how to…

  • Talk to your kids about the pandemic
  • Prevent spreading viruses in your home
  • Maximize learning opportunities at home
  • Stop siblings from constantly squabbling
  • Maintain family routines and a sense of normalcy
  • Take time for self-care and emotionally recharge
  • Keep your mental health a top priority during unexpected times

Start now with today’s daily dose of digital support.

Setting Up e-Learning Spaces and Workspaces for Each Family Member

Getting children motivated for e-learning can be a challenge. One way to make this more exciting and successful is to spend the time setting up a designated e-learning space for each child. Get them involved so they feel positive about the space and the changes to their learning environment. Challenge them to spend some time making the space their own. Print out the 9 Elements of a Good e-Learning Space below and let them loose. This list applies to workspaces for adults as well if working from home is an option and something that is new for your family.

9 Elements of a Good e-Learning Space

Find more information on creating an environment for supportive learning at home at the links below.

VIDEO: How can I create a good study environment at home?

ARTICLE: Helping children succeed in school.

Today’s positive mental health activity from Identify whom you can go to when you are in need. Have each member of your family write out their circle of who they can go to if they experience feelings of depression or anxiety or overwhelming stress. Find the activity here.

Until tomorrow, be safe and be healthy.
Remember, your mental health matters too.




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